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Quick Question

What happened to the forums? Will they come back or are they gone for good? It's not like I'm hugely crushed that they're gone, but I was curious.
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Since I'm fairly sure more people read this than MD itself...

I'm thinking of shutting down the forums...people rarely post there, and it's just too big with not enough going on.

That said, I want to "reopen" the boards, only this time with a fresh Database, Fresh setup, and a new aproach. Rather than forums covering everything under the sun, I want to only have those forums people would be interested in posting in. That said, what would you like to see in a "new" MD? Is it even neccessary?

Feel free to ask questions here to, I'll try to answer as best I can. Chances are if I were to do this, I'd "archive" the old board, locking it & moving it to a new sub-directory..
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Forum is back

now I must fix the gallery...


an admin's work is never done...

(but aside from some style issues with the Default MD style, MD's forum is now cooler (IMNSHO) than Sluggys or Sevs, so >=p )
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Forums are...well, somewhat better..you can actually see them.

Can't open any of them, or do anything there, but you can see them.

I have a plea for help on the PNphpBB website, asking for help. Should know more tomorrow.

I'm just as annoyed as you are. Probably more so.

I do know that no data has been lost do to this change.
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Status Report

OK, the forums are being a bitch...which is a shame, cause there's some cool new features in the upgrade that'll be quite cool...if I can ever get it to work.

I think I narfed up gallery, so I'll be uninstalling/reinstalling it...(before I do, could someone try to upload something?)

Haikus are a low priority, I'll upload the Module when I get a chance.

I need to take a break, and rent anime, so "tonight" might mean "tomorrow" of fixing the forums.

Sorry, didn't think it's be this much of a headache. >_
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  • naraht

Well, That could have gone better....

Site's PN is updated, now I just have to get all the add-ons I added on working.

Forums are DOWN. The Gallery is Non-Configured (I may do that in a moment...we'll see) Haikus are DOWN.

Which leaves us very little, I know.

Database is intact, and backed up, and the old version of the site is still up & hidden away, so if all else fails...

Anyway, I'll have it all better by tomorrow.
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MD offline

Can't sleep, so updating the main PN build to the current version. MD's somewhat offline till I'm done. Sluggypics'll still work though
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