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Well, That could have gone better.... [Feb. 3rd, 2004|08:12 am]
Misc. Debris


[mood |tirednot asleep yet..]

Site's PN is updated, now I just have to get all the add-ons I added on working.

Forums are DOWN. The Gallery is Non-Configured (I may do that in a moment...we'll see) Haikus are DOWN.

Which leaves us very little, I know.

Database is intact, and backed up, and the old version of the site is still up & hidden away, so if all else fails...

Anyway, I'll have it all better by tomorrow.

[User Picture]From: naraht
2004-02-03 06:24 am (UTC)
Gallery is sorta working, it's I dunno...

>_< I should probably sleep...& read the documentation..

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[User Picture]From: dragon_nataku
2004-02-03 07:40 am (UTC)


... ah, the evils of being a board admin. This is probly why I only have the one theme on my boards :op
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[User Picture]From: naraht
2004-02-03 02:22 pm (UTC)


Eh, this was more of a "oh look, my board is close to a year out of date version wise..." thing

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From: omega696
2004-02-03 12:47 pm (UTC)
Though we do appreciate it!
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